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Plastic pollution is a growing global scourge affecting marine life, human health and contaminating ecosystems.


As a major consumer, can human knowledge counter this growth that is harmful to our environment?

Can we come together to the rescue of the oceans through action, mobilization and innovation?

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The Cycle of things : Bande annonce

Canada | 2019 
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Published July 21st 2019

Changing the world

one plastic bottle at a time

Rachel tells us about her start up The Green Stop and tells us about her journey to save the world.

Anne-Marie Asselin

Founder ofThe Green Stop and Marine Ecologist

Article du 18 Octobre 2019

Le vote stratégique:
Et si nous votions avec notre coeur?

Les élections sont lundi le 21 octobre prochain. « Au final, un vote stratégique, c’est se convaincre de ne pas voter pour ses valeurs et ses convictions. C’est justement choisir de voter par peur. » 

Jean-Sébastien Létourneau
 & Anne-Marie Asselin

Co-fondateurs de l'Organisation Bleue

Published September 26th 2019

Ecoanxiety or the quest to a life alligned with climate actions

Undertsand ecoanxiety and how physicians help cure the new widespread mental condition.

William Gagnon

Building engineer 

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