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Lady Blue Expedition

The Great Journey

Imagine our planet supporting any & all forms of life,
for generations to come.

Welcome aboard into a sea of change.


Journey's progression


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The Expedition

Lady Blue, the great journey is a scientific and documentary expedition from Quebec, where 10 people (production team, scientists and sailors) set off to meet the coastline, all along the American Atlantic coast, to Patagonia, Chile. We want to testify to the current coastal issues, but above all, to show hope. Let's go witness the resilience of ecosystems in the face of climate change, population growth and pollution.

Positive and reassuring movement, our project wants to testify to these growing hopes faced with human ingenuity and natural adaptation to the ever-changing environment. The Lady Bleue expedition, the grand voyage, is the first documentary-type "sailing" project (and complementary web series) designed and planned by the Organization Bleue. On the coast, on the sea and under the surface of the ocean, the crew will bring viewers to discover the fantastic coastal world of North and South America.

Not only is the coastal environment an important economic source for all American peoples and natives, the sea is also a vital cultural and recreational source for the people.


It is by browsing its shores that we want to feed this relationship of proximity between these peoples. We intend to break down the borders and show the interdependence of the two continents, of its peoples, by its coastal ecosystems.

The boat named Lady Blue, is a catamaran type sailboat, with solar panels and small wind turbines used to supply the energy needs on board in a completely autonomous and sustainable way. The research and media vessel provide a research and broadcasting platform for the promotion of knowledge of the marine environments.

In addition to documenting life on board, interviews will be scheduled with scientists (biologists and researchers), communities encountered along the coast, in the field, invited to stay with us to share their expertise.

Welcome aboard!


The great journey aboard our sail boat, lady blue



Arrival : Patagonia, Chili

  •     Latitude -55° 05' 48 N

  •     Longitude -67° 62' 56 O

Departure : Québec, Canada

  •     Latitude 45° 30' 31 N

  •     Longitude -73° 35' 16 O


The Trajectory

Origin: Etymology of Lady Blue

The maritime world historically attributes the female gender to its boats, boats and ships. Especially coveted by the men, they would have given a symbolic "maternal" connotation to the ships bringing them safety and survival at sea.

Several ships through time and the world bore the name of women, royalties and great ladies of influence. In order to reflect this slice of history, and out of respect for maritime traditions, LadyBleue, our boat, represents this great woman, adventurous and adept at navigating the vast ocean.


She is afraid to testify to the environmental issues and the increased use that is constantly damaging the ocean.


But Lady Blue also embodies, above all, hope, the hope of a healthy marine environment, the resilience of its resources and the human capable of reversing its fate.


Florida Keys 

Pan Caribbean program for coral restauration 



 Amazon river

Arrival: Québec

Mingan Islands, Marine protected area & ecotoursim

Bahamas & the Exumas

Shark Sanctuary

Rhode Island

Offshore wind turbines

Departure: Patagonia

Aguila Glacier



Tierra del fuego


Direct content & research


In addition to documenting life aboard, web capsules will be on the program with biologists and researchers scientists, in the form of webinars & podcasts, meetings with communities encountered along the coast, field content such as beach clean ups... Experts would even be invited to stay with us for certain periods.

Our boat will also serve as a research platform for mapping coastal pollution, measuring microplastics and other traces of contamination. This will help to understand the global impact of society on the entire coastline of the North and South American continents.

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