Our Mission

It awakens the spirit to those who will not have the choice to change their customs to preserve the future, and to explore with them the understanding of critical issues, to take positive and realistic actions, through interactive media and digital.

The organization is very proud to put forward the work of women to mitigate the effects of human activity on the environment, in addition to meeting those who, through their initiatives and skills, stand out in today's society.

Like the planet undergoing profound changes, let's impose ourselves as a global pioneer, transforming the way we communicate the environment and popular science, to inspire a real turnaround.


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We explore the globe, looking for answers, to understand our environment, and thus cooperate to its conservation.

Founded in 2018, The Blue Organization is a new non profit media dedicated to environmental awareness. Our goal is to habilitate the public in the face of our planet in change. The Blue Organization aspires to constantly push the boundaries of innovation to deliver accurate information and unparalleled visual quality.

The organization offers a vision and discussion focused on finding accessible solutions around science and the environment. Launched by a generation dazed by the environmental alarmism of the mainstream media and the inertia of governments in the face of climate change, the non-profit organization wants to educate and inspire those on the front lines of the planet in change.


Our Team

We are a non-profit organization that explores the limits of storytelling. We inspire you to make the world better!
Anne-Marie Asselin

Founder, Marine biologist & Conservationist

Dr Pierre Chuard

Lead Scientist

Jean-Sébastien Létourneau

Founder, Filmaker

David Juneau

Executive Producer

Camille M. Price-Piché
Guillaume Shea Blais

Outreach Coordinator

Director of photography

Pascale De Meyer

Administrator, Lawyer

Charlotte Belleau

Executive Producer

Vanessa Gauvin-Brodeur


Joëlle Desjardins Paquette


Our collaborators

They inspire! A community of environmental creators, leaders, scientists, storytellers, filmmakers & photographers featured on our platform.

Dre Cristina Gareau
Olivier Cameron-Trudel
Mia Daniels

Adventure & Surf Photographer

Wildlife Biologist & Photographer

Author, Artist & Surfer

Sarah Gauthier
Vinny Mattiola
Julie Vigneault

Scuba diver & adventurer

Scuba diver & adventurer

Capitaine de voile et aventurier

Rachel Labbe Bellas
Alexis Eisenberg
William Gagnon

Building engineer

Scuba diver & adventurer

Scuba diver & adventurer

Richard Mardens

Adventure photographer


Press kit

Here you will find our publications and screenings, our press coverage, our radio interviews and media criticism !

Radio podcasts

Show : Dutrizac de 6 à 9,

Qub radio

December 6th 2018 | 6 min 31 
Language : FR 

Entrevue Qub radio - Dutrizac 6 à 9
00:00 / 00:00

Show : Breakaway with Alison Van Russel, CBC radio

January 2nd 2019 | 8 min 09  
Language : ENG

Interview at CBC radio - Breakaway
00:00 / 00:00

Reviews & Articles


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