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Let's meet in the center


Reflecting on Earthday's march  

April 22nd, Québec

Understand | Environment | Point of view

Reading time: 3 minutes

Text by Anne-Marie Asselin

Photos by Jean-Sébastien Létourneau & Anne-Marie Asslein

Published April 24th 2019

In Quebec, and everywhere in the world, there is a new phenomenon that separates society into two camps: those who want to see the environment protected and those who care less about it. This is very marked in politics, the environment often associated with the left and often neglected by the right. However, the environment is neither left nor right, and needs a place at the heart of societal issues today. And there is a danger here: the absence of ecology in political discourse, whereas the urgency is simply to act.

 " Despite the same environment, everyone lives in their own world "


- Arthur Schopenhauer 


In addition, the environment should not be a matter of "young" and politics a matter of "old". It is a matter of survival, well programmed in our most primitive genes, regardless of age.


Our sustainability on earth is indeed a fundamental claim.


Whether we accept the climate crisis or not, it will force us to reconsider our way of life, globally. We have a huge responsibility on our shoulders as North Americans and we must be part of the solution. In Quebec, Canada and other countries, nations are divided by climate action or inaction in politics.


Conversely, many nations are taking the green turn and proving their global replicability in a positive and inspiring way. More and more climate movements are emerging on the surface of the globe, and are for some a way to take concrete action. Citizen movements have been around for a long time and a very effective way to raise up and advance political causes, thanks to democracy.

To join is to take part in the change!

The wind is spinning and it will not stop blowing. This is just the beginning of a big change in the face of a larger problem that affects us all. It's not a story of the past, it's a story of the future. And we are there now, with every passing second. Time passes.


Bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store, refusing a plastic straw in the restaurant, taking the time to drink a coffee in a real cup or carry a reusable bottle, has nothing to do with political convictions, right?


Left, right, young and less young can learn to accept their differences on this issue. We have to start talking about it openly, for the greater good, no matter what side your in.


We know what we can all do individually. But we must also continue to do so collectively to change things.


This is how our choices can meet at the center of our political bodies’ concerns.

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